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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


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I actually think this is a smart marketing move learned from Disney's mistakes. Studio Ghibli has an immensive collection of movies it can capitalize on. By allowing fans to display those pictures they actually also allow them to pass the torch of admiration on to a new generation.

Paint a Kindergarden with Mickey Mouse and you have good chances to get sued. Paint it with a posterized Totoro still and parents might decide to buy their kids the movie or merchandise...

Looks like the decisionmakers at Studio Ghibli had somthing like this in mind.

sirhc desantis

Interesting to say 'you're probably both a virtual world content creator on some level and a fan of Studio Ghibli films' as apart from a bit of an awareness of Torturro (sp) never hear dof them :) That said, do like some of the stylistic take on them. Nice.

Wagner James Au

OMG my dude plz watch "Spirited Away"!


IMHO the SL ToS for content creation might still be an legaly impassable barrier to use those pictures in SL (they will turn up anyways though). Uploaders simply could not grant LL the permission to commercially exploit in the uploaded content as they do not own it.

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