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Monday, September 14, 2020


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Ok, the last sentence in the last paragraph is easily countered with playing alts or at your own pace. The only people that will be affected by that are those who've cleared the content (IE: The people that "Keep up with the Jonses'") and are waiting for the next patch... or expansion to be released... or people taking a break over boredom or just burnout.

In my explanation a few days ago on this, I did forget one vital piece of info as it pertains to the Mythic Raiding for World of Warcraft. The guild I listed all compete for the "Race To The World First" as it pertains to raiding. Since these world class raiding guilds have started to stream their attempts to become world first, lots... and I mean lots of attention have been drawn towards competitive gaming in terms of raiding. There's also WoW's Arena PvP that's being part of the E-Sports of competitive gaming alongside games League of Legends, Rocket League, and any sports game.


Very true about stalking. Also many things in SL have been done under the assumption it's anonymous enough. I won't touch SL anymore if a Facebook login would become mandatory. In fact (https://nwn.blogs.com/nwn/2011/05/facebook-deleting-second-life-avatar-profiles.html) Facebook used to delete profiles made after SL avatar names. That's how radically different they are.

Indeed if you really care for privacy, you would prefer to use an internal social network, like my.secondlife, that uses your avatar profile, rather than to give your IP and other data to Flickr as well. It would be also more handy and practical. Sadly my.secondlife is really basic, insufficient for various purposes, and it was also unreliable too many times (even failed at uploading your screenshots). If you could connect and communicate from the friends online page, that would be pretty nice.

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