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Friday, September 18, 2020


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I think Zuckerberg has been dipping into the same stuff that Rony Abovitz did when he said that they'd sell a million Magic Leaps.

Adeon Writer

I'm no Quest or Facebook enthusiast, but the way both the PS5 and the New Xbox are looking to be, less than what you'd expect, I can imagine there's a few people willing to try out a 299 USD headset instead to see what all the fuss is about this holiday.


Zuckerberg pulls an Ebbe here. Just like with Altberg's Sansar FB has already invested way too much into VR to have it fail now. They need to succeed in a landslide now. Just like gamblers increase their bids to win back their previous losses the new goals in failed bets on market futures get ever higher and higher. It's an all too familiar pattern.


I'm not a Facebook fan, far from it. But I think there is more about Facebook Reality Labs than the Quest and the latest user numbers. I think Facebook is taking a long term perspective here. They don't care too much about VR in the next quarter or the next year. They are building for a future ten years away. That future will not be the Quest, but some fancy glasses full of AR/VR/AI technology. There will be smart Facebook glasses next year, and that will just be one step into the direction of real AR glasses. The main thing about these glasses is that they will allow for creating living dat structures from the point of view (literally) of the user. These structures together with hardware innovations will allow the building of a digital virtual assistent.
Maybe that the AR-project (which builds on a lot of the VR stuff they do) will fail too, but even that is not too important, because they'll learn a lot about human behavior and AI while doing all this stuff, and that knowledge will find its way into other Facebook projects.

TonyVT Skarredghost

10 Seems a lot, but I think he can sell 5. $299 is really cheap, and the content is getting very good.


The author clearly doesn’t know anything about tech or else he wouldn’t be making these outlandish claims that Facebook will “somehow” reach 10 million quest 2 units sold.

Guess what? It’s been two months and they’re already well on their way to crushing that target before the end of 2021, and we’re not even through the holiday season of 2020.

$299 is an incredible price point for what you get included in the headset. If the author was tech savvy at all they would know that, and that to get an equivalent experience anywhere else, you’d need to pay nearly double. So yeah no shit this device is selling like hotcakes and will continue to do so.


I see 10M in the ecosystem in 3 years was misconstrued as "10M Quest 2's sold." The former is very doable, especially with time for a Quest 2 successor to do additional barrier reducing.

And 10M users has been a recurring target for Oculus. It's not about plateuing, it's about reaching the minimum rung they need to begin establishing VR as a sustainable platform.

Matthew Lake

Oculus is gonna have no problem reaching 10 million units sold of Quest 1/2. It'll be done by 2023.

Look at Google trends: https://twitter.com/Matthew_Lake182/status/1344403539901239298/photo/1

PSVR has sold 6+ Million. Oculus Quest has more interest in the past few months than the entire 4-year history of PSVR. I also lay down some predictions in the thread.

And sure, you might think that is just "interest", but it's clearly obvious when you look at other signals.

Do a comparison on trends for the following: "Quest best buy" and then compare with "PSVR best buy" and do with other stores too.

It shows the same thing essentially. Huge increase in interest for buying Quest relative to PSVR.

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