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Tuesday, October 20, 2020


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Stoner phil and e.musk are just the latest batch of people who care little about the natural environment, people's privacy or the planet in general. All they care about is money and being "right". How primitive.


I love Phil, but it's difficult to believe a word of what he pitches nowadays. Has he forgotten why the company is called High Fidelity instead of Low Fidelity? He spent the last half a decade convincing us hand trackers like Leap, face/eye trackers like FOVE and more were the future of communicating and better than video and now he's denouncing such fidelity of visual cues.

The only thing consistent is his attacking video communication which is weird...it's an unwinnable fight. I get the importance of 'picking a fight' when launching a new product, but video conferencing, Zoom or not isn't going anywhere. It works, its easy, and any problems with it aren't solved by audio-only dots.

Phil comes off as selling what he has and can afford to continue to develop, not what he really believes in. I feel for him since he's taken a lot of VC money and has a lot of people he pays and is responsible for, but it's difficult to believe he actually believes in this given he created Second Life, Coffee + Power and origin High Fidelity. Only one of those succeeded as a profitable business but all three attempted to change and improve leisure and work communication in ways it felt like he believed in. 2D dots with decades old spatial audio techniques isn't Phil.


I have to agree with seph. Spacial audio is an old tech. Rosedale might be able to fine tune it, but I'm not going to use a tech only for it's audio features. I can wear a pair of $10 earbuds and get the convo done and move on with my day.

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