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Monday, October 26, 2020


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Do all the detractors know that Second Life is listed as a game on every gaming website? MMORPG, Massively Overpowered, etc., just to name a few have articles about SL on their sites.

To all the detractors, I ask this. If SL isn't a game, then surely you don't need animation overrides, right? Now, continuing with this... you don't need all that mesh and all those textures as SL isn't a game, right? So goodbye, no more mesh and no more textures... so simply put, no more visuals. Sims? To the detractors, SL isn't a game so those are all gone as well. So, at this point, there are no more sims, mesh (bodies, clothing, etc.) and textures, no animations or animation overrides. That also means no more medium to create photos. Scripts? Nope, you guys don't need those either. All that remains is text or voice chat. So, to the detractors, if SL isn't a game, then all you need text or voice chat.

Linden Lab will never admit what they created, yet those who play games know full well what SL will always be. Those who know, and appreciate the plus sides, know not to take SL for granted; because they understand that beyond all the mesh... textures... scripts... sims... etc., that SL is, has, and will always be a game.

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