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Wednesday, October 28, 2020


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Adeon Writer

The upcoming Samsung DecaGear Vr headset is going to be around a 499 price point and absolutely squash all other headsets in terms of resolution and feature set. Just wait for Facebook to be left in the dust.

Adeon Writer

People only tolerate Facebook right now because they have the best hardware at this instant in time. Once a better headset comes along Facebook will be dropped like a stinky garbage bag. Not even their jailbroken, Facebookless will be worth it, can’t jailbreak a better resolution.


I vote the HTC Vive route.

Adeon Writer

HTC Vive at 670 USD, is one of the blurriest oldest headsets currently on the market, Don't make that mistake. There are far cheaper headsets which much higher resolution displays.

Adeon Writer

(and it's controllers don't even have analog sticks)


@Adeon Writer: I agree. Perhaps I should have said 'stay away from OC2 at any cost'.


Q2. Way too early in the morning for me. Wagner, you need an edit function...


facebook is nasty, and even if you jailbreak their gear (which i completely support your right to do), you are still supporting facebook and their platform.

if you purchase a facebook product, you are selling out for cheap crap. period. there's no other justification than your morals are worth cheap vr gear. it's no different than purchasing cookies from a nazi bakery because they were cheaper and you plan on eating them elsewhere.

if you still choose to give money to facebook, that's your prerogative... but don't pretend that you aren't supporting facebook.

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