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Wednesday, November 04, 2020


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Oh well,
the first one is by Fernando Filho

and little red riding hood is by an Spanish artist, although sometimes I've seen it credit to Annie Leibovitz


and the third one is all over the internet, it is a photo from at least 2019

This is just morphing an SL head in someone else work, without crediting the original artwork artists.



The comment on her Snow White image was removed but that image she used without permission of the actual creators nor did she bother to even credit who made the original picture making it seem as if this was her creative idea. The original photo was replicated from an illustration. Xhivha morphs her images onto photos without permission. She did not create that image and she does not credit the original artists for these images which is unethical. Here is the original Snow White picture plus the article on how they made it. https://iso.500px.com/photo-tutorial-hunger-white/


If I may contribute with constructive criticism, I suggest to the curator of this column to use one of the many reverse image search engines (such as the NooBox app, which meta-searches through several) next time.

When you see high quality artistic creations in a Flickr stream that is a hodge-podge of different images in different styles, most of them rather crude and mismatched morphs, I believe it is worth spending the few seconds it take to run a search of that kind. Loved your previous posts, most of which get no comment, who have featured fantastic artists and valuable tips, so by all means keep up the good work covering the world of SL Photography!

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