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Monday, November 09, 2020


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I'm a bit late with the comment, but this post gave me a big smile! :)

Also, it's such a relief to read the empathy that Biden puts into his tweets (or someone for him, but I know he showed to be empathic for real in the past). You know it, there have been 4 years of constant disinformation, hatred, and bullying against the minorities and the weakest. 4 years of total madness, with the United States of America under a shameless, narcissist, delusional sociopath with fascist tendencies, his insane ego, hypocrisies, lies, and the abominable "alt-right". Trump is a shame to the US: with his absurdities, he made America the laughing stock to the entire world. And with the damage, sufferings and deaths he caused he also put America under a bad light.
But now you are getting rid of the White House Circus. Maybe it will take a while to fix the mess, the alt-right will try to accuse Biden of the consequences of Trump's "administration", don't fall for that BS.

However you are going to have a president who is a good person, someone with empathy, who cares for other people. And that's wonderful.
Many citizen from other countries are happy for you too, here in Europe and elsewhere.

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