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Friday, November 20, 2020


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You would think someone like Carmen King could easily bring at least a dozen of new daily users there, no? That would double the average players on Steam (for as hilarious as that sounds), where she directed her viewers. I know I shouldn't be surprised if that doesn't happen so "much", but... nope, really zero changes in the graph after 2 weeks from this video, although in the comments someone was curious. So if anyone gave a try, they just gave a look and didn't stay.

Evidently it doesn't matter how much Sansar is advertised, it really can't keep people in, unlike VRChat. The problem is Sansar itself.

They could encourage optimization (even with her fast net, you can see she has to wait, cut download sequences... and not everyone has 1 gigabit network), they could make it funnier so that people won't get bored quickly, they could improve the interface and experience, and many other things. Advertising only can help up so much. For example:
"After following the hype train created by the team running the Disrupt Youtube channel over this game..."
These aren't haters, but people who would like to help. Also, more recently:
But in fact Neos VR too - and without help - is doing better than Sansar, with more people online.

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