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Monday, November 30, 2020


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Adeon Writer

If we had custom shaders you wouldn’t need to brute force your detail with triangles OR hide it with triangles.

maxwell graf

If a frog had mesh wings with lots of triangles OR image-based alpha texture flexi wings, he would no longer bump his arse on the ground when he hops.


And that the real question is whether the community knows enough -- and cares enough -- to want both.

Truer words have never been more spoken than this. The problem with the SL Community is that only a rare handful will care, while the vast majority only gives a damn about looking good on their end of the screen... and they know it.


In an ideal SL, 10 years of onion layering for stacking textures and nuanced dissecting of the body for plentiful alpha cut options wouldn't have been necessary. It was though.

The body in that video is Ruth 2.0, and is entirely reliant on BOM. That means it works fine for that pants suit which might've either provided a BOM alpha layer perfect for it or an alpha layer for hiding everything but hands and feet is common enough to come across. That body will not work for a majority of clothing sold in SL though because BOM alpha layers are not commonly provided with clothing at all.

Great effort by Nadeja to record video and taking time to show what's possible, but that's about all that's possible without opening photoshop, PSD templates with UV overlays of the body and trial and error paint and upload masks for every outfit change or tweak. No one's going to prefer that or know how to do that over the Alpha tab of a popular body HUD.


is a bit like vehicle emissions really. Without emissions standards enforced by the State then is all wild west

Linden are working on a new ARC model. Am unsure how that is going

if it was my decision I would put a maximum cap on ARC that can be worn at the same time. SL users understand caps - Land Impact, attachment points, BOM layers, etc

people do grumble about caps. Like I do about attachment points, can never have enough. But we do understand why caps are necessary


A simple solution would be if LL limits avatars to 300k tris max. That's still pretty high but much better than the average 1-2 million tris avatar. Maitreya, Blueberry, Catwa and co will need to learn how to optimize thier crap or they will have to close shop and make space for people who know what they do. There also needs to be a limit for textures and an option to delete scripts from no mod content.
Yes, people will get angry that thier crap isn't usable anymore and some may leave, but it will reduce lag and open the doors to new players who can't afford a new computer in the 1k+ price range every few years. It's not even the first time that almost all of our inventory got obsolete.
LL should grow some balls and just do it!



I wouldn't necessarily put a hard cap on it, it might prevent you from lets say attaching hair or a body and modifying it to optimize it. Rather a soft cap, one that if reached means you automatically get derendered for everyone around you, get warnings every time you login, possibly can't teleport around anymore or get other "downgrades"... something along those lines.

Honestly i'd really like seeing a cap being implemented, in fact i could just do that in my Viewer but without everyone else following suit i'd be shooting my own foot. A temporary, testwise implementation that will slowly be ramped up to be enforced at some point. Just out of curiousity i'd like to see which avatars would and which wouldn't make the cut.


You could still rezz your hair and bodies in a sanbox, that's how I unlink unnecessary parts from the RuthToo body(lower body when hidden by clothing for example) and my Logo Head. No rezz sandboxes can be used as a workaround for no rezz scripts. Sadly most mesh content is no mod, so there isn't much to optimize anyway.
In theory I like the idea of being automatically derendered, but as far as I can grasp the techy stuff that would happen on the viewer side? There probably will be a third party viewer with an option to render those avatars...
People will find workarounds, especially the teleport is easy to cheat. Just detach everything and reattach. Stores will give out notecards for those workarounds and nothing changes.


I meant no script sandbox, not no rezz. lol

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