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Thursday, December 10, 2020


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My understanding is that Zoom (and MS Teams) will be releasing new client layouts in forthcoming updates to more resemble real life environments, such as lecture theatres, sitting around a meeting table etc., in which case you can locate attendees by rotational location (turn your head)


Seems like High Fidelity is following the footsteps of Dirac that talked about this a few months ago in a Forbes article https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2020/08/07/why-do-we-suffer-from-zoom-fatigue-its-all-about-the-sound/?sh=7a2cb5da4d87

Dirac is planning to license an SDK to build their tech into clients like Zoom. I wonder what High Fidelity means by API? A web service vs. an SDK? Closer to Vivox than Dirac? Don't know, but a better plan than the 2D dots things. Seems to be a space with only half a dozen customers though, Zoom, Microsoft, Discord, few others...and all large enough to build this in-house.

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