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Thursday, December 31, 2020


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All pretty spot on.

sirhc desantis

Yep sounds about right

Matthew Lake

I shared my thoughts in another post of yours, but I'll do it again here as it seems more relevant.

PSVR Sold 6+ Million. Oculus Quest has more interest in the past few months than the entire 4-year history of PSVR. See: https://imgur.com/dB28YP9

Expect VR to be mainstream by 2023. VR Growth will be exponential, just looks deceptively slow at first.

Prediction: 50M standalone VR headsets sold by 2025.

I think they Oculus had 2M already made by the holiday in December. Say they sold 1.5M Quest 1. They're currently producing 3.5M Quest 2 per year.

2023: 10M
2024: 20M
2025: 40M Quests (1-3) + 10M+ other standalone

VR will be much bigger than consoles. It's not just for gamers.

FB has already come out and said that Quest 2 is selling far more than they expected.

Chris Pruett: "The team "really couldn’t be happier" that not only were the sales “maybe a little bit beyond what we expected” Source: PC Gamer.

Mike Schroepfer CTO at FB: ""The Quest 2 is selling... [pause] well. Very well. Better than our expectations"Websummit2020

Quest 2 has been sold out almost everywhere for weeks. I don't know what you're basing your predictions on?

Matthew Lake

"Quest 2 surpassed the original Quest’s monthly active people in less than 7 weeks" FB Reality Labs.


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