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Friday, January 29, 2021


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There is going to be a time where machine produced 'anything' will require a license, or some kind of generic contract. Perhaps an AI guild. There will be those that will clamor for AI productions, and those that will abhor anything even resembling potential mass production.

If there is any kind of 'robotic uprising', this is how it's going to start. We'll be mesmerized by a soothing orchestral bot opus, while we peruse Art Institute quality paintings.

My question now, is, whose photographs did the AI use to generate Taylor and Alejandro?

Kitty Revolver

Humans will continue to create despite the advances in AI and people continue to sell and buy art directly from artists. Will AI’s push any real original or political boundaries? No because it is just fed information and “regurgitates” what it has learned. Can the next Cindy Sherman really be original when it’s just follows the patterns of Cindy Sherman? Is that art? It certainly can mass produce art at a large scale, but what does that mean when you rip images from the internet to create a bot’s original work. These are images and not really art that has any value to the human spirit. It maybe efficient, and art isn’t efficient.


One could train an AI to produce works that look like new cubist works by Picasso, but would it sell at the same prices as the real works? Of course not. Picasso is dead, everyone knows that, and the list of his cubist works is known and finite.

Part of the perceived value of an artwork comes from the fact that it was made by a fellow human with a real life story. Their works emerge from, and are part of that story, a story which always ends, because we're all mortal.

Of course, a good writer could create an artist character with interesting life stories, and AI-generated artworks to go with them. And nowadays it's even possible to auto-generate stories, to some extent. To make that work though, I think he writer using the AI would have to keep their use of the AI secret. If the secret ever got out, it would be a big fiasco. But maybe the fiasco itself would become part of the story, which would increase the value of the artworks! I guess the key thing is to keep the number of artworks finite. Anything with an infinite supply and a finite demand will have a low price. That's Microeconomics 101.

I think there are still some business opportunities, just not in the world of fine art. Think clip art, stock photos, or commodity illustrations, i.e. Shutterstock, not Christie's.

Comment by Troy McLuhan in SL.

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