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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


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Adeon Writer



while we can build with prims ourselves from scratch, we can also build with mesh objects made by others

and given that most mountable objects made by others are modify permissions, and we can allow others to modify/edit our own mounted objects then I think this meets the collaborative requirement

on the larger scale. People working together to build out a region for example

others working together to build out an entire living estate. Moles building the Bellissaria estate for example. Bellissaria residents furnishing their homes and gardens. 100s and 100s of people can be present on the Bellissaria estate at the same time, all beavering away mounting, editing, scripting and modifying stuff

Vivienne Schell

Fits into Phil´s old mantra, and I agree with him. I think that Second Life´s initial success was tied to in-world, collaborative content creation offering in-world tools. Leaving the Prim (do it by yourself) path and quitting further development on that field caused much of the decline SL went through after Sculpties and later Mesh became predominant.

The virtual sandbox has turned into a consumer world mostly, where many people pay money to a few people for creating some kind of "multiple social frameworks", but much of the original thrill which keeps Minecraft big (and made SL big) is gone. As a result Second Life has turned into a self centered universe, where the latest mesh head or the latest body or the latest whatever shiny has become the most important issue for a core of die-hard users. That may be enough for a certain amount of people to log in, but it isn´t - by far - enough to attract a broader audience.


Very interesting topic! I think there are still people in Second Life that are great Digital Artist and build things using a mix of Prim and Mesh. I found that photography as a 2D art creation also takes a big space in the arts scene in SL.

I personally join Second Life a few months ago and that what really attracted me: be able to build wat ever I want! The thing is, I think that if you really want to build advanced stuff you need to work with external tools such as Blender or Photoshop. Prim feel a bit outdated now in 2021 IMO but still, people can do great stuff with it.

Note: I start making videos of some of the nice things a saw in SL as well as my little projects. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-kPuiWgz1dXln07OyHKpYg

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