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Wednesday, January 06, 2021


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Adeon Writer

I've considered SL in maintenance era for the last 5 years anyway, so doesn't really change anything in my mind.

JubJub Forder

@Adeon Writer
Sansar did take a lot of resources from SL, however, there's been plenty of change for the better in SL in the last 5 years. For instance - we're in 'the cloud' now and the benefits are quite noticeable. Little changes like a 50% increase in prim allowance barely get noticed.

Carlos Loff

Lag, non intuitive viewer and High Fees doomed SL


agree with JubJub. Has been plenty of noticeable improvements over the last 5 years, even with the resource budget diversion to the Sansar project

now that the diversion is no longer happening then I think there is some scope for an increase in development budget resources will also allowing for healthy dividends to be extracted by the new owners. Then too, I think for the new owners the acquisition is a lot more about Tilia potential than it is about Second Life, even tho Second Life is important as a continuing revenue stream for the forseeable future

i don't see any major changes to user fees coming any time soon (over the next few months at least) without a re-packaging of service offerings. Different packages of Premium for example. Merchant, Home Owner, Builder, etc

if Linden were to put up fees without repackaging (like for example another increase in Marketplace fees without new compensatory features) then it would cause issues with the existing customer base. Without new packaged features it would just be seen as a gouge

i think tho, it will be steady as it goes for some months yet. The cloud uplift is still a major undertaking to yet be completed

a significant effect for the better of the cloud uplift project (amongst other things) has been on vehicle region crossings. There can still be issues with vehicle region crossings but nowhere near what they used to be, now that both Linden and resident vehicle builders have a better understanding of what can be

the Bellissaria Linden Homes project seems to be going well, lots of new Premium accounts being established by residents to partake in this

from Linden reports also, the Last Name programme has been successful for them, even tho we as resident consumers sometimes grumble about the price

so pretty much I think that fees for new offerings and/or packages do find customers able and willing to pay


He's dead, Jim.


Linden Lab shareholders are all cashed out now, too

Giulio Marchetti

It would happen, sooner or later. As the old adage says, what goes around, comes around.

I am thinking of all the Bellisseria residents who might find themselves homeless in the process :-D


I just hope that no Habbo2020 tier BS is on thier agenda.


Uhhh hello? Nobody's going to talk about the elephant in the room like competing with decentraland. Essential and sucks second life is awesome when is second life going to get an nft Marketplace and really start to compete with the big boys? Second life is better it would be justified to have it on crypto!

David Poppleton

I wish I could afford proper toilet paper. My finger goes right through the ones I am currently using and touches the ass.

David Poppleton

Mike Ock

It’s good that this holding company took over and fired so many of the woke multi color haired morons that ruined SL. It’s now being run as a proper revenue generating business and not a freak show of mentally ill furries.

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