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Thursday, January 07, 2021


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Yeah, when you log in VRChat, you see someone active already. In SL you face a wasteland with a few bots and AFK folks scattered here and there all over the map and in the busier places most people just stand and do nothing. So much that it is common to see entrance-sweeping devices, since many folks don't even move away from there.
There are fewer people around in SL, compared to 2007-2009, except maybe some adult place and shopping event.
So in general it feels less alive and, yeah, the people left seem less friendly and sociable, perhaps they are the same who drew the nicer ones away (I'm joking, but not entirely).

As for SLers' tendency to keep their real life private (until you earn their trust at least), it's not totally surprising, if you consider how popular the sexual activities are in there, many of which are BDSM, let alone some of the most insane kinks on the net. Even if you aren't really into that, there are dudes who give it for granted. For some woman it could be dangerous to share her real life information, as sometimes it turns out you have met a dude with severe mental disorders. Even if you don't meet maniacs and sociopaths, there is drama and so forth. So, better safe than sorry.
Not even the Lindens put their real info in their profiles, usually, but a couple of exceptions; and some of them use anonymous alts regularly.
This being private didn't change much from 2007-2009.
For the LOL, 2007 Torley's tutorial: https://youtu.be/ZCgQRrdtgQc?t=648


For SL, I really think it is serving a much older and aged crowd, who frankly are just naturally more crabby, set in their views and their vision and what they want and expect from others is in tunnel vision.
Yes, privacy is important but these old bags on there are so closed up and private there is no way of really connecting with them or even feeling that they are real people on the other end.
Most of the time you will never get the chance, because bans and kicks are easily incoming, and you can find yourself quite jaded on an encounter and wonder what you did wrong, other than find someone and say hello.
Even the days of going to a public sandbox and all of it's hijinx, people are off hiding amongst themselves hard to get them started.
SL still is fun, but the old bats are turning it into a retirement home.
VR Chat is appealing to the younger set, and we'll see how that works out.

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