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Wednesday, February 03, 2021


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I just read the article. Worth the time to read it. Apple is getting scary again. Not gonna lie.

sirhc desantis

First off, had not really seen that build - impressive:) Although the lego dudes in it were a bit jarring even to me but 'orses for courses.

I tried to find out more on the 'creator' side of Roblox but gave up as life is too short to wade through all that so went to wiki (yeah I know) and if the article there is in any way accurate it seems a metric tonne of restrictions on who can actually make content. Compare to SL where anyone, off the bat, can make and flog stuff even in this age of mesh. ( Before anyone starts whinging that it is no longer possible to do it inworld, you ain't trying hard enough =^^= The only external needed is textures and thats not changed in the years I've been in) Until you get to the actual cashing out side, its open and basically restriction free (within TOS natch)

Plus of course there is the whole, erm, service industry within the SL econosphere.

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