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Monday, February 01, 2021


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A solution to a non-existent problem for the most part.

There just doesn't exist anyone that either already has a PC with no AMD or Nvidia graphics and so they want to play Stadia in the browser, or they don't have a PC or game console at all but is affording one of the $500-$1000 flagship Android phones Stadia supports.

Nevermind how much the monthly subscription costs add up to which could be used to finance a PC or just save up for a new PC or console.

There just doesn't some huge market of PC-owners on Intel integrated graphics (and even those can run 80% of Steam), or PC-less, console-less people with flagship Android phones that want to game seriously.

Anyone that wants to game will just buy a GPU or console or both. That's been the solution and cloud streaming won't replace it.

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