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Tuesday, February 16, 2021


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Not to sound cynical at all, and I certainly wish Oz a very happy retirement, but correct me if I'm wrong, wasn't Oz effectively put in charge of SL while the lab sansarad around, and yet he still managed to improve SL, despite the fact the lab were surely throwing money at what became a quickly sold off new project and Oz may have been told his budget for SL was probably a couple of rolls of scotch tape, an old shoebox and a 'can do' attitude? Far be it from me to suggest he has heard the thoughts of the new investors, thought bugger me if I'm going through that again, and retired before repeating the same fight, but...


Then you clearly didn't read his post in it's entirety or failed to comprehend Oz's own emphasis (you saw he used italics to to point it out, right?) that the new ownership was a coincidence, he'd already planned retirement and stayed to help finish the cloud migration.

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

Conspiracy theorists are the same everywhere. Crackpots even on the rare occasion that they get it right, which I certainly doubt this is one of those cases. Regardless, I wish Oz Linden a happy retirement and hope he doesn't become a stranger. Drop in every now and then, okay? SL isn't going away anytime soon.


It's highly objectionable to refer to me as a crackpot camilia simply for expressing my point of view. I work in a position where I discuss employee's reasons for retirement, and in fact it is rarely based solely on their wish to take life easier. Neither was I suggesting SL was going away anytime soon, I have heard that nonsense for my 14 years in SL and it's still here. I was however suggesting that another period of the lab favouring a new project (like they did with Sansara) could be one result of having new investors, and possibly contributory to someone who has contributed so much to SL deciding to move on. So camilia, wind your neck in and enough with the insult and assumption.

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