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Friday, February 12, 2021


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Personal opinion - currently virtual worlds are in bad shape in general, doubt it will worth it... I can suggest creating a Patreon for this blog and add some kind of payment "threshold/targets" - after payments reach it there is an extended article follows or something. Feels more flexible (Patreon allows to set several monthly bills from 1$ to 10$ and more - I can afford a 1$ but not sure about 5$ - and it will be unified (I have several patreons bills already and it's easy to add another one - no fuss, still same single monthly bill with new addition).

Terry Smith

If you went on Patreon I'd give you money.

Wagner James Au

Thanks! And good suggestion, Lex4art. I have also been thinking about having a Patreon as an alternative. (Maybe do both?) The challenge with Patreon is the income is smaller/less consistent than a subscription but perhaps I could make the newsletter a free bonus for people who sign-up for Patreon (or somesuch).


Yeah, guess it's worth trying all that feels reasonable and see what will work out in the end.


You should definitely do that. I believe VR is going to come back real strong soon. Everyone will soon get tired of zooming and look for a new experience. It's a cycle so be ready for it.

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