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Monday, February 15, 2021


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with wealth tax then there is no need for contact (income/consumption) taxes. The dots are taxed regardless of contact/activity

when wealth (contactless) tax is redistributed proportionately (poorer dots getting more than richer dots and not less than some minimum) then the game never ends

without proportionality then the game stops no matter the parameters

in the extreme proportional example. 100 people start with $1 each. After 1 round half the people have $1.50. Half have 50c. The wealth tax is $50 dollars. $50 / 50 people is 50 cents each. This game never ends

we can inflate this thru the game maker injecting more $ tokens into the game after each round. But is actually only inflationary when the activity/contact rate is not greater than the injection rate and where the volume of activity/contact is the measure of growth. The injected $ reflecting the total value of that growth


ps. just mention (if it hasn't already been recognised) that with a wealth (contactless) tax system, then the game maker injects more $ tokens into the system when the economy (contact/activity) is growing and less when the economy isn't

which is seemingly counter-intuitive when we are used to a income/consumption tax system. Basically when the contact/activity (economy) stagnates/recedes then the rich dots pay to top up the poor dots, not the game maker

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