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Wednesday, February 03, 2021


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maxwell graf

We should preface this by saying that mesh was an attempt to fix the even more significant mistake that was SCULPTED PRIMS, which should never have been introduced as a quasi-mesh alternative.

Sculpted prims killed prim builds.

Then mesh killed sculpted prims.

Then mesh destroyed performance and your available resources (that mesh tree with 100 polys is 90 prims worth of land impact, but those nano earrings with 200K polygons? Wear em if you got em!)

It is a mistake on top of a mistake. Sortof how mesh clothing that fits was handled.

maxwell graf

Really, when you consider how many times problems were responded to with the grace and dexterity of a monkey f**king a football over the years, especially in contrast to just about any other form of virtual or online entertainment during the same period, it is really quite amazing that SL not only survived but thrived at certain points. One might even consider that the community pushed through despite how it has been handled and is the real key to its' success.


Don't sugar coat it. Tell us how you really feel. lol

maxwell graf

Alex: I love it enough that I still have my full region since 2008, how bout you? Are my points not valid? Granted, I'm bitter and jaded after all these years but I'm still there because there is nothing that does what it does and no other community that would still be fighting for it in spite of how hard it has been over the years. I cheer them just as loudly when they do things right, or even when they do the wrong things for the right reasons, like Sansar.

Adeon Writer

I would like to see some nice regions and avatars made with no mesh.

Because all of the ones I see look absolutely awful.

Adeon Writer

Wait! No! Redo. This is my actual response: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lhckuhUxcgA

Diploma IT

If it wasn't for mesh second life would have failed like sanar did, since the day of the first sim in around 2002-2003, if you didn't improve it, it would just fail like any game the doesn't update, like Microsoft in a tin shed to what it is today e.g, like linden labs, grew through the years till now, more improvements could of happening sooner, like going to the cloud, think the CEO should pull his head out of his - - -,not listen to people like Cory.


What we need is an in-world mesh editor period

Iggy 1.0

I recall when Mesh arrived. Most of us in the .edu sector had already left, but I thought "there goes another magical SL experience": team-builds in-world. I think two students I knew could make things in Blender, and even then, it would be made outside SL and imported.

The magic of SL was always when folks interacted, in there. I didn't mind how much more realistic mesh avatars looked or how clunky the physics-engine proved; we were not building avatars or scripting HUDs, but we were making the spaces where avatars interact.

I'm not a coder, so I imagine in-world building tools for mesh would be laggy and complex, but then building itself was complex already, the permissions system a mess, and the UI for SL clunky in the extreme. Had in-world mesh tools existed, some of us in education would have soldiered on and given away CC content to colleagues, as a brave handful still do in OpenSim.

Sure, we could keep using prims, but after a while, our builds would resemble the black-and-white people in Snowcrash's color Metaverse. We dismantled our project, a virtual House of Usher peopled with actors, one of whom went on to win SF's Nebula Award. I also took down the version in OpenSim, after the host we had closed shop.

A former Linden told me "hey, buy some cool stuff from Turbosquid and import it to jazz up your build."

Sounded good until I priced it. Four items would blow the entire budget. We had already lost two hosts because of hte .edu discount coming to an end.

Game over.


An editor does two important things: it keeps immersion in the Second Life world, and it informs the user that this content is flexible and powerful. Now, there are people who build in mesh in Blender and those who buy it. And all of my attempts to play up Blender, while slow, take me out of the SL environment. Why is it I can accomplish, with mods, everything that I want to do in Minecraft, from within Minecraft? Including customizing my character outfits. There's at least two mods for that. Yes I'm stuck with a two year old version of Minecraft to run them, but who cares when I can look exactly how I want?

Valentina Kendal

I can't edit my mesh house. I love it, it's gorgeous, but I can't mess with it the way I used to mess with my older prim and sculpted prim houses. As I said last time, 99% of us are just pretty consumers now. The current users in SL are pretty happy with that, and it's probably true that something imperfect that that kept SL going is better than stasis that let it die. But gather round kids, and we will tell you a tale of the days of yore...


Apparently Cory has been out of SL for so long he doesn't know about the inworld prims to mesh conversion tools. You build with the viewer prim tool set. Drop a script in the object - single prim or linked - press a button on the mesh generator, you get a web link to a page with a dae download file, import the downloaded dae into SL and voila! Mesh object. You can texture up to 8 faces on your original prim object and the generated & imported mesh will retain all the texture parameters/values so you just have to lay the textures onto their respective faces. While I use Blender for creating more organic stuff, I fall back on the Mesh Gen for simple builds that primarily use cubes though all prim shapes work with the exception of some cut prim limitations.

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