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Monday, February 08, 2021


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Adeon Writer

When they added mesh they should have let you still build with prims.

It was a mistake to block anyone from ever using prims again. They should have retained that ability for the people who wanted to build that way and not forced everyone to use mesh.


Cathartes Aura

I've always wondered just how much it would have cost LL to simply do for Mesh what was already done for Prims.

Simply reproduce what already existed for Prim Building - Premade Geometric Mesh Shapes, Deformers, Mesh Shape linking, and a Mesh Optimizer.

LL spent 10's? 100's of millions on stupidity... And nothing spent on implementing in-world Mesh Building Tools. Massive Fail...

I never understood the hard-core RESISTANCE to simply doing for Mesh what already existed for Prims. Unless... Some folks didn't like the fact that in-world tools means more people learn to build and create. Thousands of folks who never created/built anything learning to do it using in-world tools. Getting help from more experienced builders. Cooperative building in Sandboxes. Having a shizload of fun. Now...

Ken and Barbie Dress Up Land. Using what others build outside of SL. Boring...

More Builders/Creators equals less income, and LESS CONTROL for some folks. They'd rather be big fish in a small pond than little fish in a big pond. Selfish... Greedy. Destructive. And ultimately self-defeating.

SL mirrors RL. ;)

Susan Wilson

You know what would have been even worse for Educational Projects in SL? If there was no more SL. I truly believe that would have been the case had mesh not been incorporated. Mesh allowed more to be done with less prims and it allowed for a MUCH better looking virtual world and avatars. And speaking of prims - you can still do everything that you could do with prims before mesh.

Adeon Writer

@Cathartes I believe the reason is they don’t have anyone left who understands their prim code. It’s why after all this time they never added more prim types either.

sirhc desantis

@ ser Writer - omment of the year (to date)
Besides, 'educators' have been kvetching at SL (because 'won't someone think of the children? so give us special deal also inordinate amount of time etc') since I first logged on

Iggy 1.0

Tip of the top had to Mr. Au, as ever, for noting this.

@Adeon, point taken! Yep, we could have kept on primming along, but instead of improving things with the underlying code, so our clunky, prim-heavy builds could run faster, Linden Lab just moved on to pretty fashion and pretty builds. They had to make money; we didn't.

I can understand why they had to chase that money; they had people to pay and lights to keep lit.

We were more concerned with changing the world. We had more in common with the metaverse artists than we did with the Lab.

I've griped about this long enough. Now I can be sanguine (back then I used metaphors like "kicked in the teeth"). Heh. It was fun while it lasted.

In the end, Silicon Valley types and educators come from different planets, but for a few glorious years our spacecraft resided on the same asteroid. We almost made a crazy not-for-profit artistic utopia. It was worth it!

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