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Thursday, February 11, 2021


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Professor Lopes makes a good point about how OpenSim may not be suitable for all coursework, or even all coursework within computer science at large. As an international relations student, I'd have no idea how OpenSims could be adapted for us, besides having everyone go there to sit down for a lecture. But that comes with additional problems, such as how to also embed the powerpoint references our professors often use. All of our projects are still likely to be turned in outside of OpenSim (eg. papers, book reviews, exams) as well, so there's not much interaction possible.

I'd be curious to know what the students in Professor Lopes' class thought about the experience. Did they enjoy it? Would they take another class that used OpenSim? Also, will professors teaching higher-level courses think that students are adequately prepared for their courses after learning primarily on OpenSim rather than on more conventional platforms?

Gord Holden

Have used virtual worlds for 13 years to teach DL students, with great success. The platform I used was Active Worlds (which has been around and continually upgraded for 25+ years). It is cheap, simple to use, appropriate for all users, and has an incredibly powerful suite of multimedia applications already built in. No need for ANYTHING else.


"more conventional platforms" like Zoom?

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