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Monday, March 29, 2021


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Adeon Writer

The Catwa head is more customizable than the default linden system head.

It allows more creativity than LL does, not less.

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

Given the current state of SL's shader engine, optimization is often a murder victim when flexibility is desired in any build. This needs fixing or this issue will persist with all mesh builds, not just heads.

(Disclosure: I have never bought into any of the standard mesh heads - I do have most of Utilizator Mode's work in this regard, and I don't regret one moment how different I look to others as a result, even though this complicates skin matching. The lack of polygons really helps drop my render costs slightly even as I stick to conventional mesh bodies and fashions.)

Iggy 1.0

"I'm crushing your head! Take that, Flathead!"

+1 for you old enough to get that reference. +2 if you were in Canada and walked by so he crushed your head during the filmings.


First of thanks for deleting my first comment that states marketplace weksite is not on AWS Amazon Cloud servers but in Akamai technologies servers secondly if that is the way your computer renders avatars and Second Life its total crap and either you need to upgrade it or get a better connection :)

Alessandro Cintoli

Most people fail to mention that Second Life tends to overtax your graphics card so much it fails more rapidly than it would if you did not play SL.

I had to change 4 high-end iMacs between 2006 and 2018 (when I finally decided to abandon SL). Average lifespan of each iMac: 3 years and a half. Cause of death: graphics card fail.

The last iMac I bought lasted 5 years, only because I stopped playing SL in 2018, so it gained two extra years, but eventually died the same death as the others.

In every iMac, the graphics card was always the first hardware item to fail. And now I am absolutely sure SL has to be blamed for the fail. I don't think Apple hardware (or more precisely, AMD or nVidia hardware) has anything to do with this.

This would be a good enough reason to re-write the SL code from scratch.

Summer Haas

@Alessandro Stop running your GPU at max then. Firestorm lets you lower your FPS to something reasonable instead of constantly pushing it to the limit. You can go as low as 20 FPS and SL is still very playable for what it is. Also if you find yourself at a busy event, use "Show friends only". Textures on the vendors will load significantly faster and you'll stay at a nice even 20-30fps, wherever you set your cap.

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