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Wednesday, March 31, 2021


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Sean R. Lynch

It pains me to see them trying to pretend that a bunch of fragmented worlds is somehow more functional or harder to build than a unified world. They seems to think "metaverse" just means MMORPG, which means either they don't have the first clue what they're talking about or they're engaging in willful ignorance for the purpose of deceptive marketing.

Anyone can build a fragmented set of single-server virtual worlds. Even Roblox managed it despite having a CEO who micromanages the hell out of everyone and has driven leader after leader out of the company, and despite having made some pretty questionable technology choices. Seems to me Roblox's success has attracted a bunch of fly-by-nights anxious to ride on their coattails.

I suspect at least one company will end up being successful, just because Roblox is going to run into a lot of trouble escaping their image as being for kids. But personally I'm not interested in seeing a bunch of mini-Fortnites if it brings along Fortnite's crappy culture. In fact, any "multiverse" aimed at "serious gamers" is probably going to suffer from a similar problem unless they make some significant effort to keep the toxic people out. Perhaps instead of just having games that developers throw up there, they could build in some decent community management features and let people build a community around each game?

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