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Monday, March 22, 2021


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This is sadly ironic. I've been reading about how RuneScape is helping Venezuelans survive. And now I see this.


Ilsa Hesse

Have you given thought to editing your pictures and creating a book out of them?
I would buy a copy

sirhc desantis

'reminding us that Second Life wasn't always just a shopping and fashion social game, as it mostly seems to have devolved into now.'
Have to disagree a wee bit. All the old stuff is still there just takes looking for. Drowned out of course by the American Cancer Industry (grifting for over a century and still no cure) RFL but very much still other causes

Wagner James Au

"Have you given thought to editing your pictures and creating a book out of them?
I would buy a copy"

Wow that's an interesting idea, I wonder how many others would buy a copy! Unfortunately a lot of the high res versions of the older pics would be tough to procure.

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