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Tuesday, March 02, 2021


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Summer Haas

Lets see the simulation where everyone gets $1000 a month UBI and all landlords simultaneously raise rent by $1000.


A crypto that decays in value if its not used is called a coupon with an expiration date. It's an interesting concept, but definitely needs testing before being released into the wild.


what joey said

it also doesn't answer the question of what happens when wealth is encoded in stuff. Like real estate for example. The way this is dealt with now is property tax - which is a wealth tax

a use it or loss mechanic will further drive the acquisition of stuff/property that holds (and/or increases) its denominated value

if or when that property is sold then a 10% transaction tax isn't going to curtail wealth growth to the same degree that property taxes do

Captain Stupid

I wish I was a multimillionaire who could sit around and procrastinate about how poor people shouldn't get anything based on some graphs I made when I was bored waiting for my next latte.

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