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Tuesday, March 16, 2021


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Amanda Blain

Agree!! The mirror is often misunderstood in vrchat... In my beginners to VRChat lengthy post I compare it to sitting along a bar. Everyone understands that behavior and bar sitting is a perfectly social activity. So is VRchat mirror. ;)


Adeon Writer.

> "While vision is key, where that vision emanates from is even more important. We need to believe that it comes from our own eyes, and that the body parts we see are in a place that makes sense."

When someone decides to check out VRChat for the first time, they usually won't have VR. One of the first questions they ask is, "How do I enter third person view?". Of course, the second question they ask is "Ok... so why doesn't this game have a third person view?"

And to VRChat's credit, they know exactly what they're doing. Forcing first person is absolutely critical to everything that's special about VRChat. Mirrors are the one way, the natural way, to get everything you lose by not looking at yourself in third person - without everything that you lose from having third person.

The devs understand that even the personal option for third person would take away that mutual understanding of shared space and connection.


Adeon is pretty spot on. I try hard to be 1st person in SL, for the immersion. I go 3rd person to get a sense of self. Being in front of a mirror achieves the same effect without losing the sense of immersion. Brilliant!

Summer Haas

1st person in SL is near unplayable because everything is designed for the bizarre 3rd person field of view. Hit Ctrl+0 four or five times to get a more realistic perspective and pan around, you'll start to notice just how gigantic everything is (ctrl+9 resets).

Even with a default 3rd person view though, I suspect if they added a reflection switch to prims it would be hugely popular.

Adeon Writer.

> I suspect if they added a reflection switch to prims it would be hugely popular.

I continue to get emails about this video weekly, for years. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gBmAR3zzovY

Yes, mirrors were wanted. Badly. It’s a shame VRChat jumped ahead in that department. (Same algorithm!)

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