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Monday, April 12, 2021


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Adeon Writer

I didn't feel like being angry this morning, but here we are.


I can imagine what SL could have been with C# and many other things.

Second Life instead has been a story of poor decisions, missed opportunities, half baked new features, that also introduce new serious, user-experience hampering, bugs... that get fixed after ages if never.
Now Linden Lab can't even fix the world map, broken since several months ago. Preview grid (Aditi) inventory can no longer be synchronized since November 2020. Screenshots still tend to fail to upload to my.secondlife, teleport failures, objects not showing up in the viewer until you right click and so on. All stuff that shouldn't have passed any serious QA check in first place.

It kind of works and it doesn't explode entirely seems the way to go for Linden Lab.

It would be great having C# in SL, but, yeah, VRChat allows that indirectly. I don't expect anything competitive coming out from Linden Lab anymore. Other virtual worlds are implementing anything that LL should have done, never did and probably will never do. People used to SL would be amazed to try out any other virtual world and see that it just works without falling apart. None of those can fully replace SL for now (in general, while subjectively it depends on what you do), but the strong points are getting fewer and fewer, while SL is being surpassed in so many other areas.

Sally Crofton

Yeah - what Pulsar said...

The uplift seems to have created more issues than it solved - the destination guide floater works sporadically (no timeline to fix it apparently), Avatar impostors (orange clouds) more often than not, textures popping in and out of focus (if displaying at all) & more random disconnects during teleport than I remember when I joined in 2006!

I think a half term report would be "Fair.. needs more effort & improvement"

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