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Tuesday, April 06, 2021


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Nodoka Hanamura

Onboarding, Viewer Performance and Quality of Life changes should be top priority. Not updates that only appeal to residents already invested in the platform for some time now.

It's absurd that Linden Lab hasn't realized that people don't just want Linden Homes but want a platform that runs well, is easy to learn how to use, and isn't a complete mess. They're failing at the last three, and it's unacceptable.


Much easier to compete inside, with their own creators on offering houses and bars and what not, than actually doing their job competing with other platforms and selling SL to possible new residents. They are not working on the platform anymore, they are eating it up.

Adeon Writer

Why can’t you sign up using the viewer itself like every other game?


because the majority of users use 3rd party viewers. reasons vary as to why. but that said, it could be conflicting on LLs side when creating an account through a 3rd partys app.


None the less, SL is still the best virtual world, in my opinion. No other platform comes close to it - free version or paid.

I think it'll always be a niche platform - as long as the steep learning curve exists. But then again, what a bunch of truly fascinating creative users. You have to have large amounts of patience and determination (obsessiveness?) to enjoy this world. Once you've conquered that, it's quite addictive.

Nodoka Hanamura


I couldn't agree more. You hit it nail on head, Tim. But I feel that helping make the learning curve easier while not dumbing down or removing features will help longevity while keeping what makes Second Life great around.


I have no doubt that SL is doing worse than in 2018 user-wise but for what it's worth the Similarweb link shows it was back up over 11 million for March. It's possible their February estimate was just off.


Some of that drop may be lack of new users, but not all of it. When you think bout it, what reason does one have to go into the SL website? Much of the information they provide there is available elsewhere in better detail. The forum is an over-moderated poorly categorized nightmare. There is no land available. Bloggers and creators are doing much better than LL at providing resources. Even you have upped your game Wagner! Other than maybe to convert lindens, why would you need/want to go to the SL website?

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