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Wednesday, April 07, 2021


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Adeon Writer

VRChat enabled this! They could have required you use their programing system - but they gave the option to also allow you to just submit your own compiled assembly, so you can use any programing interface as long as it can compile to an udonbehavior. Conscious choice here! And that’s where UdonSharp stepped up. And it’s great by the way.


Babbage Linden for years (2006-2010 ish?) communicated the process of getting Second Life's scripting powered by Mono. He talked often in user groups and other places about a clear path towards supporting not just C# but other .NET languages like F#, IronRuby, IronPython, etc.

I'm not sure what happened other than Babbage leaving but obviously we never got C#. It seems now with that past work already done and Mono's licensing not being as problematic as it once was now that its owned by Microsoft (problematic LGPL then, MIT now), and there even being another option/successor like .NET Core, Linden Lab should invest in updating its own scripting again with the inclusion of C# and more .NET features.

Adeon Writer

The only thing Linden needs to do is let us submit our compiled Momo assembly. Users can take care of the rest in building a compiler into the viewer.

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