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Monday, April 12, 2021


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Nodoka Hanamura

>Well, I once called Second Life the Portland of metaverses:

I'd say it's more the Cincinnati of virtual worlds, only for the fact that whereas Cincinnati has a issue with potholes, we in Second Life have an issue with pot*hills.*


Jokes and shilling my videos aside, SL is quite cultured, especially on Mainland, where the various cultures of residents around the world are sometimes shown on display, such as in the Hinamizawa area around Electra in Heterocera, or in Second Norway or the Malolo Islands.

Han Held

idk -the Interzone?


from a town planning pov, Second Life is more like a RL developing nation

if we were to narrow it down to a single town/city type then Shanty Town would be most apt I think. Shanty meaning that pretty much anything goes in terms of infrastructure planning and building codes


As a Portlander, I have to disagree. After all, in Portland have our Urban Growth Boundary that limits expansion outside the metaphorical mainland. We have height limits on buildings so people can see Mt. Hood. Only prim limits restrict our buildings on SL. I guess the City Council permitting Mother-In-Law housing (what a ridiculous name) could be parallel to the low-cost, low-prim homesteads, but SL features anarchic constructs. Portland features anarchic people, but our building is very conformist. Seriously, you have no idea how unpopular people who build a house in our neighborhoods that do not fit the bungalow, Victorian, and Portland Foursquare style. If you want a modern split-level or ranch, you will be more welcome in the suburbs.

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