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Tuesday, April 27, 2021


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Summer Haas

"Second Life is just so big that 40K users are spread out and it feels empty" is the real lesson here.

I noticed something years ago when I was running a RP sim, there is an extremely tight balance in setting up the space where people are excited to play in. People gravitate towards people to a point, then they gravitate away. You have to find a point where you make the space just small enough where people are asking you to expand, then keep it just at that point. The space always needs to feel just slightly too cramped in order to be successful. The very moment you expand beyond that is when people start leaving and you get a ghost town because you create a perception that "nobody goes there".

This seems to be the thing VRChat has learned but SL has not. If SL had about 1/10th the amount of space it does today it would seem 10 times busier and be more popular because of it.

Adeon Writer

" If SL had about 1/10th the amount of space it does today it would seem 10 times busier and be more popular because of it."

I'm not so sure that is necessary to fix the problem. Remember, VRChat has many badly designed worlds as well. The difference is they never make it up the rank in the world list; instead, it's filled with instances of the worlds people like the most, which also happens to be the ones where they aren't super spread out.

If you've ever tried to use Second Life's destination guide out of shear desperation to find areas of Second Life that are alive, you'll see it's rarely updated and most of the locations drop you off in the middle of nowhere. Because no one uses it.

In VRC, it's the *main* way to drop off somewhere.

Sean R. Lynch

VRChat is what Sansar should have been.

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