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Wednesday, April 14, 2021


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The avatar dynamics looks awesome! This would allow a new level of interaction.
I don't know if touching other people's avatar would lead to cute things only, though. It is not like someone could do nothing already now, by just moving hands and the body, moreover VRChat doesn't permit erotic content or simulation of sex acts or streaming those (also to not be banned from Twitch like Second Life). So I suppose avatars with interactive boobs won't be allowed and it won't be like in SL where people add invisible prims to their avatars, that react on touch on boobs and bums. However, once I went to a place in VRChat where you could draw your own fireworks on a board and then they appear on the starry sky: it was fun and beautiful, but guess what people were drawing there? Penis fireworks, LOL!

However, VRChat keeps improving and meanwhile hit a peak of over 45 000 concurrent users


This works really well for us, thank you!


This is fascinating. Developing stuff like this for desktop users in VRChat means one thing. It will trickle out to other games and worlds. Including Second Life. Because you know there's going to be someone that just has to try to see if they can make it work there!

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