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Thursday, May 20, 2021


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Persephone Emerald

Looks the same as VKC dogs in SL, except our avatars look better.


VKC (Virtual Kennel Club) dogs were a cute and a clever thing 10-11 years ago. But they are old sculpts that move clumsily today (and with a load of scripts). You control them by writing a command string in chat with several parameters and you sit on them to pet them:
With the dogs in VRChat, instead, you are moving your actual real life hands and you even have a tactile feedback from the controller. I don't think the experience is so comparable.

Moreover, VKC pets cost between 975 to 3500 L$ and with the rezzed ones at the shop I don't think you can't do much if you don't own them, while this one in VRC is a public park.

I don't want to bash VKC, they are cute for a SL pet (and in SL you can also make animesh pets now), but if you want to compare them, I don't really think they are so comparable, except maybe some idea.

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