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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


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Adeon Writer

Roblox is not a game.

Fortnite is a game. It has a single player story compain and a multiplayer battle royale mode. Game.

This is not very complicated...


Lead the way and change the name of this blog to 'New Game Notes', its tagline to 'wagner james au reports on games'.

That you won't probably means you prefer to remain nuanced in describing what you cover. Second Life users of all sorts are the same in that they prefer more nuanced descriptions than what you'd label them and what Second Life is to them.

Wagner James Au

"Fortnite is a game. It has a single player story compain and a multiplayer battle royale mode. Game."

Also has a non-competitive social area for dancing etc., live concerts and other events, Fortnite Creative mode, etc. etc. If you read the court case, Epic brought all this up to Apple to argue that it's not a traditional online game.


At this point, if the Lindens are smart, they would do themselves a favor by just steering clear of Apple. I don't see this court battle ending well.

Amanda Dallin

Going by the hypothetical statement you would make to the judge, real life is a game. We spend our early years after character creation learning "how to navigate successfully within it" then spend our lives demonstrating our mastery of real life by implicitly competing with others. Your statement could be applied to anything.


Real life is not a game. There are consequences to one's own actions that will affect themselves and those around them.

The virtual worlds, on the other hand, do have consequences, though not as serious as the ones pertaining to real life, when you run afoul of the EULA, and or the TOS, such as warnings or outright bans.

For Apple to say that ROBLOX is not a game is a complete farce and a cheap way for them to either get out of any deal or to make users pay for it. The exact same can be said for the naysayers who continue to say that Second Life and other similar titles aren't games. The second you create an avatar, you jump right into the tutorial. You don't get a tutorial for real life, folks. Remember that. You get tutorials for playing games. You get walkthroughs for playing games. Walkthroughs don't work in real life. Real life is meant to be lived.

Yes, we all know Fortnite is a game. ROBLOX is also a game. The exact same thing can be said for Second Life, Sinespace, IMVU, every MMO, etc., but in due respect for Second Life and similar games... those can be considered metaversial-type games. Games have graphics, exploration, combat, performances (Yes, players have created musical performances in games such as Lord of the Rings Online (Minstrels) and quite possibly FFXIV-ARR (Bards) as there are systems in place to do such things.) With Second Live and its ilk, people play combat games, Bloodlines, set up live performances, explore, etc. In any game, you make friends, join guilds/groups, etc., and go where the winds take you. Eventually, people take needed breaks and return to real life, or have moved on to a different game.

The bottom line, folks, is that Apple wants control... and Epic Games is fighting tooth and nail to preserve what is rightfully theirs.

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