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Monday, May 17, 2021


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They need to contact some of the more architect brands in SL to do timelapse of their builds being made - show the create.

Wagner James Au


sirhc desantis

Nope, still not seeing any change. OK so I am an old FF on Win 7 holdout (!) but even after nuking all biscuits and a restart - still the badly photographed blue thing and no vids.

Oh and timelapse in world - with prims? Old enough to still have a copy of Watch the Worlds :) Else sure - timelapse me in world in Blender in LSLEditor in theGimp in FreeSound in Audacity in Qavimator in various neatstuff online in the SLWiki in Sing in LLViewer but - you might want to bleep the swearing. But at the end its all my own. Nah, never bought in to the whole 'All Your Stuff Belong To Lab' lobbox
(Bit tongue in cheek - finally finishing a project idea I had over a decade ago. Will never set the world alight but hey. Least can cross it off)

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