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Thursday, May 27, 2021


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ron hays

I totally agree!




Now these are the types of posts we need more! Thank you so much! :)


I agree completely. Thanks for the post!

Kaylee West

In absolute agreement here. Trouble is many sellers have no real selling or marketing experience. Maybe the author could do some in world workshops for interested sellers (at a fee, of course)?

Honey Crisp

I totally agree too. Nothing worse than living with the frustration of not being able to buy that *thing* you want because the creator has a weird store name that I can't find!

CronoCloud Creeggan

All of this. What's sad is that these problems have been an issue for YEARS, ever since I joined SL and probably from before too.

I generally give up at the "item is a gacha" point.

And for Flickr users, there's no restrictions on linking and promotion for Flickr Pro users.


Another thing that I find annoying is when creators only sell certain items for a limited time or to group members of their store, but they don't give any indication about it. I saw someone wearing an item I thought looked amazing and looked for it on the marketplace. No sign of it so as I'd bought something from the creator before I went to the inworld store. Naturally it had moved since the last time I had been there. Did a profile search and used their picks to get to the store, tried an area search and found certain colours but not the one I seen the person wearing. Checked the flickr and saw the one I wanted was released months ago. Sent a note to a csr and received a reply a day later that the colour I wanted was *only* available to store group members. I had to pay to join the group, TP to another group member area and then find the store gifts and *exclusive* items. That's ok, I got what I wanted, but make that information obvious in the first place! The original flickr had it listed as a release for a shopping event but nothing about it being made an exclusive item after that.

Matilda Soon

I agree with all the Tips 100%!
Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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