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Monday, June 14, 2021


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go for it

Perhaps one of those commenters here who always point at something that Lindends did not do good should apply for this role and finally do it right and actually achieve something. Unless of course the only thing they can do is critique.

Let's go

@"go for it". If you can't see your problems, you can't fix them.
A key component like the map was left broken for months, despite the reports, until the "critique" started to spread from blogs to Twitter. Now we have a working map again.
There have been good critiques pointing at issues, constructive criticism, lots of ideas, wishes, and also kudos.
It's great to listen to whom actually cares for SL and their feedback. It's rather dumb wishing a fanboy echo-chamber only: that only leads to failures and disasters.

I'm sure there is who would apply. Hopefully the Lab will find someone smart, with novel ideas, not retired yet or with a better career already, and ready to "apply strong judgement and analysis toward important business decisions", and who lives exactly in one of those States.

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

I wonder if they would be open to hiring anyone who's prepared to move to one of these states or San Francisco as a condition of employment.


go for it, yours is a fallacy:
it doesn't take a PhD in automotive engineering to tell that your tire is punctured.
But you tell them to shut up, happily letting your broken car to be driven into a ditch. Enjoy.

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