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Tuesday, June 29, 2021


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I think what he's reaching for is metaverse "framework". And on that I agree, the metaverse needs to be built upon capacity, protocols and lots and lots of interop. Smart to leave out cryptocurrency and ironic that cryptocurrency is hindering the 3D end of things because it's making graphics cards more expensive and harder to get because of miners.

I like people seem to be evolving past the metaverse as a space in a way. I got caught up in the concept early on. Worked with some folks in a company called Chaco communications and they had built a client called Pueblo, which was basically an HTML/VRML browser that could talk over TCP connections.

We married that with a MUD (MUCK if you want to be precise) called NeonMUCK. So at that point we had servers that anyone could set up and turn into a virtual 3D world with little effort. Now VRML was crude, but we had something that later projects like Second Life didn't have, which was the ability for anyone to create and run their own server with common protocols. This is what we considered the Metaverse. No walled gardens, here. Just the potential for lots of gardens.

But anyway, hoping new graphics innovations and systems like Pixar/Nvidia USD will help open this puppy up to become a real metaverse.

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