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Monday, July 19, 2021


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maxwell graf

I have an idea: No new pet projects that divert already limited resources and personnel from the product that they own that makes them most of the money they keep throwing away on pet projects. Channel what they would cost into the flagship product and customers they already have, maybe do marketing that the general public might actually see somewhere (something IMVU is kicking ass at right now without opening or starting a new anything).

maxwell graf

Additionally, if there is to be a mobile product, the one you described above makes it completely separate from the existing world and users. If one has to be developed, then at least make it possible to contact, chat or hang out with existing users in existing places within SL - with the caveat that those avatars and environments fall within the particular limits defined for such a purpose. Something like being able to chat or get messages from people in world or to go in SL to a place which is essentially a mobile lounge/room/skybox which has a different/limited feature set or that you can only enter when wearing a mobile-safe avatar, etc. In this way, they are not taking away from SL but adding value to it while opening up potential new users who may level up from mobile to the full experience.

Wagner James Au

IMVU is actually doing a lot of new stuff, the company rebranded and they just launched a new cryptocurrency:


maxwell graf

^ I meant that they were not creating a completely separate product, but marketing the one they had, the one we know them for, the one that has kept them going for years. They were not like "hey, lets spend gobs to create/market a completely separate product from the one that made us all the money so far, siphoning off some of our existing customers and leaving the rest alone while we pursue new ones, because money!"

sirhc desantis

They still going to buy stuff? If so then Yay:) If not then here is my barren field etc

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