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Tuesday, July 06, 2021


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Are you aware of the Vircadia project? The core team (as well as a number of contributors) are attempting to continue the work left off from High Fidelity.


We'd love it if you'd join us in the discord server or join us at one of the Vircadia events!



Wow, only just heard about this from the Adobe/Substance Discord (Adobe is one of the contributing companies to the Open 3D Engine) and ran over here to see if you carried the news.

Pretty awesome, hoping this picks up some steam. I could see this being used to create connected worlds. Glad Amazon decided to make it open source.

No worries about NeonMUCK, ancient history. I know one dev forked it into ProtoMUCK, when the main developers bailed on it. Although I see ProtoMUCK hasn't had a source update in 5 years or so on Github, no surprise there either, but it's still got reference to NeonMUCK in the copyright doc.

But back to this century ... I don't think a metaverse can be done with anything but an open source server. Anything managed by a singular entity ends up in with too restrictive licensing or in the dustbin when the company tires of it. So this is just the ticket.

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