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Monday, July 12, 2021


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If Linden Lab isn't planning that, it's better they start doing so, because it would be great.

(Devin wrote "SL the longest lasting of all virtual worlds", but in fact that title should go to Active Worlds (1995) still active today, after 26 years).


For a long time I used Lumiya, Lumiya was great, it worked and was updated. Then it got removed from Play store and I think also the TPV list. Last time I tried it the world in 3d view didn't load properly and it's been so long since it had an update that even though it's still available on other app stores I don't see the point. Plus it was android only. At least it let you use the whole grid. It's a shame in my view LL never approached the developer to work with her.

Also for a long time I used the Onlive & SL GO service until economics forced that to shut down. Full fat Secondlife on a tablet! Pure heaven.

My solution was to add Firestorm as a third party app to my Steam library. Now I log in remotely from anywhere using my own gaming system as host and run full fat SL with wifi or a fast 4G connection. Exactly like SL GO worked.(Minus the touch controls of SL GO but I can add the SL move and fly controls to the screen) It works amazingly well with a small Bluetooth keyboard/mini mouse and my tablet propped up on a stand.

Cut down Secondlife is just going to frustrate people. Not being able to even chat with all your friends? not being able to have them meet you or meet them except for special areas? I'd rather have a mobile client that is just a text interface and chat with anyone, TP anywhere and have access to inventory outfits so they can see my avatar correctly even if I can't seen them.


SL isn't designed with a mobile device's capabilities in mind, not at all.

A full fat SL true mobile experience is not going to happen, even if one was created for iOS, it's not something anyone is going to want to use without tethering their device to the mains (and doing that obliterates battery longevity, leads to swelling, etc - hence some of the app store rules).

LL appear to be working on a different idea, avatars are loaded up on special 'mobile client only' regions with no attachments, no local build and no local communication. You can be next to hundreds of other avatars and never know it.

We can realistically expect a full suite of IM chat tools, friend lists and (big maybe) group chatter.

It's unlikely there will be a big local chat room with all the other nearby mobile users as regular avatars wouldn't be able to participate and you might never see the same person twice - it would also end up like twitch chat due to size of local population and be functionally useless).

A mobile avatar viewer is also a possibility and should IMO be a priority feature. We might not be able to see the world, but being able to see our own and other avatars would be a big deal, toss in some photo tools, selectable backgrounds and ability to play poses from inventory .. and we have a solid basis for generating social media content.

This does impose some problems as attachments that animate the avatar wont function and dress up (which is predominantly dependent on HUDs) is probably also off the table (due to no scripts and usability issues). Not a showstopper.

Exploring the world or attending events like regular avatars, probably not going to happen. But this doesn't exclude the possibility for some events (like live music) shared with a groups mobile users being possible.

The only real wish I have right now (and it's not in the alpha client) is that it be possible for avatars in world to be able to tell when someone is logged in mobile.


The fact that Xbox cloud gaming, Steam remote play & Stadia all exist and are now popular shows that "full fat" gaming on mobile devices is not only possible but desired by a lot of people.
It's unlikely to happen with Secondlife I agree because there aren't enough users of regular SL that Google , Steam or any others are likely to add it to their catalogue and add mobile controls like they have with other games. Although using an Xbox controller with Secondlife via Steam is interesting to say the least ;)


Let's not forget that using Secondlife in this way (with remote play) puts no load on a mobile device beyond the actual client software. Battery life and swelling issues are irrelevant.
On Live closed because of economics, not because it performed badly.


If they do it as Devin Vaughn suggests, you shouldn't expect your same stuff just hammered into a mobile device, but a new mobile SL.
Thus not a Lumya (a client that attempted to adapt the engine in order to show the old content on mobile devices) nor a On Live / Stadia (a client working as a remote display for the old content computed on a remote server), but new mobile-compatible content on mobile-regions.

This would be a new paradigm and it could be the first step toward a new SL. Do you remember when a few of us here, between blog posts and the comments, discussed about dedicated regions for optimized content? They are making dedicated mobile-regions now (just instant messages, but they plan to add a 3D view later).
Here is the opportunity to start a sort of new SL from ground up: mobile-avatars on mobile-regions; meanwhile you keep your account, friend list, chat, L$ etc, that keeps you on the SL grid. And you would still be able to use the old style stuff in the old regions as before.

Mobile regions may have a clear grand total upper limit in texture and polygon count, instead of an obscure and exploitable "land impact". And they could be on demand, cutting the costs.

A mobile avatar could be a single item or it could be customizable by replacing the body parts with dressed parts, as other games do. Not that pile of attachments on top of each other that you see in SL.
You could still colorize the parts, change head textures etc.

If someone is 10-18 years in SL, it's understandable to have only SL as a model to think of. Look outside that box. Try out other things and see what other successful virtual worlds are doing.

Maybe you are thinking Roblox or VRChat now, Roblox surely is pretty usable on my iPad, but there is more.
For example, Avakin Life doesn't have a bad graphic for a mobile virtual world, it runs smoothly, and it is reported having 200 million registered users and 1 million logging in every day:
Some people I know couldn't no longer use SL well with their old computer (that was still working ok for anything else they were doing) and they were looking for a mobile alternative, so they went there. Avakin Life is more gaming-oriented than SL, but you can still chat, socialize etc.
These are further users that LL is losing on the road.

Therefore it would be great if LL could plan ahead and aim at that, instead of creating yet another Radegast.
It would give SL a boost and a refresh, it would open a market for mobile avatars and mobile rezzables, and probably it would give SL several more years of life.

Tad Noodle

I wonder if Second Life would run decently on a Steam Deck? I watched a video with my husband and they said you could use 3rd party gaming apps on it, since it's basically a small PC.

Jerom Franzic

Tad... late I know, but the Steam Deck's hardware could easily support the Linux versions of third party Second Life viewers. If I was in the market for the SD, I'd try Kokua or CoolVLViewer on it. Probably Kokua, as I can easily run my Xbox One gamepad with that. Firestorm should also work, several users here have already mentioned running that via Steam.

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