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Thursday, July 08, 2021


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Well, doesn’t sound very inviting. I don’t even use chat.

Gordon Cole

I am amazed at how one person could build Lumiya with almost 100% of the SL functionality while LL have used years making a client for IMs.


This is interesting, because it might be a sneak peek into Linden Lab's strategy of bridging SL and SL Mobile. This is baby steps for now, it takes time to develop code and app. But I could see it working that there are SL Mobile only sims that Enforce both Avatar and Environment efficiency.

Imagine this: You want to 3D chat live on the phone with your friends? Teleport to SL Mobile Island 1. Opps, you are not allowed because your avatar is bonkers heavy with scripts and complexity. BUT you forgot to switch your Mobile, low lag, fast Avatar first. So you just go to appearance, change outfit, and Teleport is accepted. You land in a beautifully crafted environment, perhaps created by a well known genius designer who excels at kickass and fast. Much good time is had! .....And later, you want to meet up with your special friend after work in the Posh main grid where you wear as much scripts and fancy mesh as you want, or decorate to max, because the maingrid is still the wild wild west of freedom and zero enforced avatar or sim limits (if you don't mind the lag).

Just a thought... I wonder how long it would take to build it.....

camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

Where Lumiya stopped would have been a better start. Still, this is a good start as long as progress continues.

Nodoka Hanamura

To the people who are genuinely frustrated that Linden Lab hasn't put in a lot of features in SL Mobile - Do you really want your phone to become a hotpocket?

SL, lest we forget, is horribly optimized and LL is probably having to rewrite the viewer to be optimized for mobile, and that'll take some time to do. Not to mention they're also having to do optimizations to the main viewer, including a shift to Vulkan.

And even then.. why would you want to use something like SL on mobile for 3D Chat? On that small of a screen?! I swear on my life I'll never understand people who think that 'Mobile is the future' - Yeah, wake me up when my phone screen isn't unbearable to stare at for more than an hour and running anything remotely complex on it won't turn it into a silicon furnace.

Tad Noodle

Why doesnt Linden Lab make a different platform for mobile? Something that is like Second Life but can be used on mobile without the possibility of phones exploding? Something like IMVU and Avakin Life but with the same aspects that make SL what it is. Something that promotes creativity and is primarily created by its users? I have 0 technical skills, so I have no clue what it would take to do something like this, but since SL's engine is so outdated and can't fully migrate to mobile without breaking everything that exists, why not try to break into the mobile market with something new?


From what I have seen, avatars are crazy expensive in VRChat. Imagine if SL had mobile only sims for mobile style avatars. I'm sure SL would dramatically bring down cost of avatars. And what makes SL the longest lasting of all virtual worlds is content and being fleshed out with so much capability already. Sims that require efficient only decor, landscaping, scripts, and avatars solve the problem. No exploding phones over content anyway. The app also needs to be efficient. And if you done doing what you want in 3DChat, but yearning to do all the nice things you can do on the maingrid, you can. You just teleport into SL proper.


You don't understand why people would want to chat on a phone screen?

Why do you think Discord on mobile is so popular?

Nodoka Hanamura


I understand why people would want to chat on a phone screen, but why would you want to do that while having to meandering about in a virtual world that you can barely tell a prim for the trees in, with a inventory system that is convoluted as sin.

If we just get an SL Companion app, that would be great - It would be the same as Steam. You can contact friends, check group notices and talk in said groups, and hopefully use it as an optional 2FA method other than a dedicated authenticator.


I just want to be able to organize my inventory from my phone... That would be amazing.

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