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Thursday, July 22, 2021


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Its fine and all but their people not being honest if they
Only problem is some people are not being honest are stealing picture from Instagram from people that are not their pictures. Its pathetic that people are pretend to use other people photo's not saying everyone does. Best to be yourself don't do it at all. Because a liar and faking who you are will only make people walk away. Second life might be place to be what you want but if your gonna show a real picture just be honest. To many people use Photoshop people have lines under their eyes. Yandex.com does not lie when look photo in search. But its not good to steal other people pictures its against copy right facebook does allow fake accounts or fake photo's think sl needs to get on people for using stolen photo's. People wanna be genuine use picture with out all the face filters.


Great people being honest being them self.

But when I find someone lies to me who they are I not having thing to do with them any more I don't want anyone fake in my life.

Richard Minsky

Thought you might enjoy these SL avatars, archived from 14 years ago...


Portraying one's self in cartoon form doesn't feel like the best vehicle for ridding your life of fakeness, does it? Puhhhhhlease.

I take these offerings for what they are, part of a virtual fantasy world.

At best, it's Facebook. That's not saying much about honesty.

Holger Gilruth

There are 2 ways how you can live... Beliefe in the good of the people or believe nothing. I take first choice

Wagner James Au

Well said!

Speaking from my experience, people are generally honest about their RL appearance in this context. I think we're running up against the stubborn stereotype of what all virtual world users are supposed to look like IRL.


stop distorting face with a fake smile.. that's not real...

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