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Monday, August 02, 2021


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Latency values without stating a distance are prettymuch meaningless.Paper cups with a string are low latency.They need to state them to a point on the other side of the world. On a side note musicians struggle to stay in tune and in time with latencies over 4ms

Iggy 1.0

I'd settle for a crappy-looking but reliable metaverse that had easier content-creation tools and an intuitive UI. One that would run on a student laptop across platforms (say, browser-based) or a tablet.

One where my fake car would not fly to pieces at sim-crossings, leaving me floating while holding a steering wheel, like a driver in some Loony Tunes episode.

That's all educators need, not a world requiring Blender to make content and a desktop gamer machine to run well.

Iggy 1.0

I want to add a strong counterargument to one of Lex4art's claims.

Worldwide metaverses were EXACTLY what educators liked, during our heyday in SL from about 2007-2010. We held meetings with distant colleagues and saw their builds. Our students met online and multi-language work proved a solid educational application using SL voice.

In other cases, we worked fine around language barriers, too. SL translators have gotten better since then (eleven years ago!), something I've seen during my occasional foray in-world for a educators' meeting (a few of them carry on).

Lex4art is thinking in terms of gaming with shards in different regions, not changing the world (a promise Rosedale himself seems to have forgotten).


Sure, than more compromises applied - ditching decent graphics, fast paced player to player / player to world interactions, handpicked players from active student/teachers environment - than easier it goes on current gen tech & state of things. But this is very niche thing - can we call it metaverse after all those limits in play? All this was and still there in Second Life right now - but this kind of "metaverse 1.0" is not that attractive anymore and din't grow much even in pandemic environment - it looks very poor (childish graphics didn't match expectation from that mysterious "true metaverse"), laggy interactions with world/players is annoying as hell, slow downloading of every decent looking locations you visit are also didn't compatible with that "metaverse" thing and general population is not ready to deal with languages problems with each object with text on it's textures/audio message/person interaction in each country-specific location (this can be solved to a degree, but this is also a technical challenge to overbear).


Ugh, my grammar still has a lot to wish for!
Anyway, it feels like even if true metaverse - universal-purpose virtual world for everyone? - is possible only if it's founded on set of precise compromises & smart technical solutions.

After dreaming a bit more about those solutions I can think only about purely cloud-computed Metaverse, where clients will receive only video stream. This is most flexible & secure solution:
- Anyone can join, hardware requirements are super low (fast enough internet connection + some kind of display + some kind of input to move/interact with metaverse). Also flexibility in monthly fee - than lower the requested rendering quality and lower video stream bitrate (lower traffic) - than less it cost for client, maybe even free connections will be possible for lowest quality. So, need quality - pay more, don't need it - pick less fancy solution that still gets job done.
- Metaverse cloud architecture allows another plot twist: lets split player activities between two different types of servers inside cloud: one that will process fast-paced (low latency demanding) activity and everything else put on low-latency servers far from client location. So, when client trying to move/interact with in-world UI (that <150ms rule from Google for not-annying interfaces) - his client sends movement/click data to nearest cloud that can verify them and perform player movement/UI interaction & return updated image in <50ms time. But when client trying to perform money transaction its done in different servers inside cloud, probably located in mother country with secure laws & stable political system that respects people & law *sigh*.
- Rendering architecture in cloud opens up interesting & unique possibilities to seize! For example, why not create just one huge set of clusters that will compute only lighting for whole metaverse and then only update it every second or so (also flexibility - if changes are too drastic this lighting update will happen with additional second or two, but still good enough - smart compromise; if cluster crushed - others can do his job with seconds delay). And this giant "photon cache" representation of whole metaverse can be simply buffered and requested as tiny pieces (matching current client location in metaverse) by all clients clusters, spread around the world (closer to clients to have low latency and having very wide bandwidth connection to rendering servers clusters). There are a lot of problems to solve here, but maybe something like that will be adequate solution to try.
- Custom content, created by clients, uploaded to cloud, split between fast/slow servers depending of content type and used like any other part of virtual world on demand - loading needed data between clusters in cloud is super fast due highway type of connections between servers (terabytes per second and more), so there will be almost no time to wait till location loading or something - all data there transferred between servers, cached and available on the fraction of the second.

So, in a nutshell "metaverse 2.0" maybe purely cloud-based thing on current gen tech.


>>and everything else put on low-latency servers far from client location.
On high-latency servers or course *sighs*

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