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Monday, August 02, 2021


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Montecore Babcock

While I don't do grachas, so it makes no matter to me, this logic about banning them seems to make little sense. You know what prizes are available and the odds. No one's forcing you to pay. And the Linden itself has no real value.

bye gacha

You don't know the odds.

Olyvia DeCuir

You don't know the odds because the creator selects how many "pulls" you have to pay for before it gives a rare or an ultra rare, so the sky's the limit on how much the creator can make from a given gacha machine by just setting the number of pulls to get a rare at a number so high that it's nearly impossible to get. People end up spending a LOT of money to get the rares...in most cases it's more than the value of the product in the machine. I've always said that gachas are that addictive combination of gambling and shopping. That's probably why they're so popular.

Adeon Writer

So the Gacha people already have a gameplan.

Linden's rule is that you must 100% know what you are going to get at the time of purchase. You can't ever hope for one thing and actually end up buying another.

..So the Gacha people are simply going to make the devices tell you what they're about to give you for their next purchace. They still have rarity and all that, so of course no one's going to leave it on a good item: You have to go to a Gacha and think if you want to pay to have it roll and buy it and the thing you want if it shows up.

At the end of the day, it changes almost nothing.

Linden hasn't commented on it yet, but I've specifically asked Patch Linden for his input on if this loophole is going to be permitted.

Kaylee West

Never understood gachas, never wanted to waste my money ending up with something I didn't want.


Lindens have a real value. You can cash out and turn it into rl money..people do it all the time to pay rent and stuff..may not get a lot from a gacha..but it has a value


Out of curiousity, what about random vendors? You know those things you find at breedable markets were you pay a certain amount for a chance at something decent, will they still be valid?

Yoofaloof Pacer

I'd love to hear from any hardened gacha fans about how playing them has ruined their life. I'll wait...


Second Life isn't your world anymore. It's going to be real life soon.

Christina George

Second life is real life its not a game.

Frankie Antonioni

Here is a solution to the new gacha rule. Allow gacha machines on some islands. If gachas are legal in your country, then you can go to gacha islands. The islands would be set at mature, and you will have to have payment info on file. On these islands, you can have gacha malls. People can rent places at these malls. Creators that are from countries, that don't allow gacha machines, can sell them to people that can go to these islands. It could be a 50/50 type deal.The money made would be split by the creator, and by the person that owns the machines. And the people that play the machines, can resell what they win.

Now granted, if you are from a country that doesn't allow gachas, then you can't visit the gacha islands, and you can't play the machines. But they can go to gacha yard sells, and buy gacha items. They just can't play the machines.

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