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Thursday, September 16, 2021


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Adeon Writer

What would you say is the internet’s killer app?


Probably true that anything digital is the meat of the Metaverse. I don't think car companies in SL or elsewhere managed to sell more cars. It may have helped bands a bit. Didn't seem to help movies market better. Maybe some fashion. Unless everyone is there it's not going to be a sales vehicle.

I mentioned before though, that my first love is creating RL things. These days I'm doing mostly fabrication for commercial and retail space and some home furniture. What I'd personally like to see is where the 3D Metaverse and manufacturing might meet.

The cost of 3D printers, CNC machinery, embroidery machines, etc. has come down. Theoretically in the future, anything you see as a 3D model in a Metaverse could be manufactured by affordable machinery by any business, anywhere in the world. Manufacturing almost always requires a 3D representation, whether that's layout, CAD files and G-code, etc.

This could more or less democratize many parts of manufacturing because it's manufactured locally by smaller companies, save shipping costs and help with visualization for clients. Less shipping distances also means it's a bit more greener as a process.

It may not be a killer app (although manufacturing is of course huge), but I know it would be nice to show a client say, a custom receptionist counter in the Metaverse, get an approval, cost estimate and then onto the shop to manufacture.


@Adeon The Internet has no killer app. The Internet itself is the killer app...the web...the ability to jump around.
Maybe that's the killer app for the Metaverse. The dreaded interoperability.
I am less optimistic than I was before every other word out of people's mouths was "Metaverse".

Wagner James Au

> The Internet itself is the killer app.

That's kind of the thing, everyone can quickly think of maybe a dozen practical killer apps for the Internet we rely on every day. But for the Metaverse? We're basically still at "have fun/meet people".

(And there's nothing wrong with that!)


It's quite possible that cybersex might turn out to be the metaverse's killer app, the thing that draws in more users than anything else. But on a slightly wider scale, I think that generally it'll be the ability to experiment and explore, safely and inexpensively. The ability to healthily indulge in fantasy, if you will. I don't even mean people becoming nekos or mermaids or whatever for a few hours, necessarily. In the metaverse, the disabled and the merely cripplingly shy can dance and run and, hell, fly. The lonely, the shy, the insecure can always find others to be around, to watch, even if it's 3am where they are. A college student stuck in a tenement can, for the price of a bottle of water, rent a skybox or island or whatever somewhere, decorate it to their heart's content. For a few hours they can exert a degree of control over their metaverse surroundings in ways unavailable to them IRL. I doubt that kind of draw - and the lure of cybersex, obviously - will ever cease to exist.

Adeon Writer

"The Internet is the Killer App of the Internet" just feels like you're dodging the question.


Adeon, it does feel like dodging the question but with the hype about "the metaverse", it could easily prove to be true, at least for a while. History repeating itself and the-medium-becoming-the-message all over again. The next big thing becomes the next big thing because people are told it's the next big thing...

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