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Thursday, October 28, 2021


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camilia fid3lis nee Patchouli Woollahra

And Second Life has two decades of user-generated inertia behind it. Let's not discount the very silent whale in the room.

Luther Weymann

Facebook: Changes its name to Meta.
Me: Laughing out loud.
Zuck: "From now on, we're going to be metaverse first, not Facebook first."
Me: Dear Mark, I have not logged into your software since 2007. Your company only has value to me as a stockholder.

Bavid Dailey

I knew this was doomed when I read that Zuck plans to hire 10,000 (!!!) "engineers" in Europe alone to do this. ROFL. Manage a project with 10,000 engineers. To create an advertising metaverse. I'll pass thanks


We'll see, all we can do is wait.

Mark speaks of post-mobile, obviously we're a long long way from any hardware that makes us use our smartphones less. Judging by all the CGI, 'Meta' foresees a future within the next decade where mixed reality devices fit as comfortable as our glasses, or are one in the same with our glasses.

Mark doesn't seem naive enough to believe VR/AR hardware as it exists will attract the masses. This is good because obviously he has a company with enough cash and longevity to not just wait for hardware to be better, but make the better hardware.

High Fidelity in contrast had as great of a vision, but no ability to wait forever or make its own hardware.

I don't trust Mark or anything he does to be ethical but I applaud him banking so much of his company on mixed reality's future. To me its kind of like if in the early 90s when IBM released the Simon smartphone they got bullish about the eventuality of an iPhone and that they would make it one day.

I believe because of how insular Facebook's idea of a metaverse is, other hardware and platforms like Microsoft's Windows Holographic and HoloLens will win the day in 10 years, but hopefully some sort of way apps and worlds for VR/AR headsets manage to be as open and owned by no one in particular as the internet is, if even only a few big companies make the hardware.


Augmented reality is far beyond the human race thinking it will be the strange future with this technology. we know nothing about it and there will a lot more which we will know in the coming new year.

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